13 Jul 2022

Growing concerns about the rising costs of fuel, the expansion of London’s ULEZ, and introductions of new ‘Clean Air Zones’ in a number of UK cities, has led to increasing numbers of drivers in the UK being encouraged to make the switch to an electric vehicle. EV ownership has increased dramatically over the last few years. Last month, new EV registrations in the UK rose to a 16.1% market share of all new car registrations.

The rise of EVs on our roads means businesses throughout the UK are transforming their operations to cater for their EV driving customers. Retail parks are no exception. With customers regularly staying for a few hours per visit, this provides the perfect opportunity for drivers to top-up the charge on their EVs. It’s key that retail parks provide user-friendly, accessible EV charging facilities to accommodate this growing segment of their customer base.

But which EV chargers are best-suited for retail parks?


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Fast Chargers

This is the most commonly available type of public charger. Charging speeds are between 7-22kWh, and dependent on vehicle and battery size, these chargers can charge a vehicle to full in approximately 3-5 hours. Fast chargers can be found in many car parks, workplaces and hospitality venues. At retail parks, fast charging offers customers the chance to charge their cars whilst they shop for a few hours.

Rapid Chargers

Rapid chargers are available at charging speeds of between 50-150kWh. These chargers are more likely to be found at motorway service stations or larger shopping centres. The average EV can get from 20% to 80% battery charge in between 30-60 minutes, meaning these chargers are ideal for drivers in need of a quick top-up during their journey. At retail parks, these chargers are best-suited for drivers visiting for lunch or making a shorter shopping trip.


Costs of installing an EV charging station

Many businesses have yet to consider installing EV chargers at their sites, thanks to the high initial outlay required. EV charging infrastructure and the on-going maintenance is costly, and as a result many businesses do not see spending on EV provisions as a high priority.

Thankfully, at EVC, we offer a zero-cost fully-funded solution, which provides retail parks with the opportunity to benefit, not only from the installation of new chargers, but also the ongoing maintenance and 24/7 support for customers. EVC also offer opportunities to generate additional revenue simply from EV drivers making use of the chargers.


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Benefits of EV charging stations at Retail Parks

Increased dwell time

Drivers will likely remain at your site for longer than normal, whilst waiting for their vehicle to charge. Increased dwell-time in turn promotes spending on-site, and this is likely to increase further as more drivers make the switch to electric.

Attract new customers and retain existing ones

EV drivers are known to make destination choices based on the availability of charging provisions, making it a great incentive for them to come to your site if you have EV charging available. As well as attracting new customers, this will also help to retain current customers who are making the transition to an EV.

Future-proofing your site

It’s important for any business to plan for the future. By installing EV charge points, you are ensuring that you are already prepared for the influx of EV drivers to your site. You don’t even have to install lots of charge points initially, as EVC can create the infrastructure for future charge points to be installed as EV charging demand increases.

Go green

You may be able to attract more business by having charge points in place as of a result of your improved carbon footprint. This will give you an opportunity to promote your sustainability credentials from your reductions in CO2 from customer travel.

Demand for EV charging is soaring to new heights, and it is vital for business owners and retailers to ensure that they are able to meet the demand of their current and future customers. With fully funded solutions available at EVC, you can get started on your EV journey at zero cost. Find out more by visiting Retail Charging.

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