Charger specifications


We have a wide range of high-quality charging station solutions, including charging boxes, charging cables and charging posts. Our floor standing charger is perfect for outdoor carparks, where there is no requirement for installation on walls.


Our charging options continue with our wall mounted range. These chargers are fixed to the wall using a small bracket and are best situated in indoor car parks, or where an exterior wall is easily accessible.

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Available in dual and single outlets.

Fixing type
Available as floor standing, wall mount or pole mounted.

Built-in RCBO
You can feel completely safe with built-in RCBO + DC leakage detector.

Functions & specifications

Charging power 1.4kW-22kW (1-phase 6A up to 3-phase 32A)
Type 2 sockets or solid charging cables
Lockable front that can easily be opened during installation and service
Can be ordered including installation by trained installer
Built-in RCBO + DC leakage detector
MID-approved energy meter
DC leakage detection
Possibility of dual type2 sockets or dual fixed charging cables
Load balancing (compatible with Chargestorm Power Guard Family)
Connectable to Charge Portal
App for remote management
Support for RFID

We are compatible with all leading plug-in vehicle brands

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  • Bmw
  • Chevrolet
  • Citreon
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  • Jaguar
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  • Land Rover
  • Mercedes
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