09 Feb 2021

As the mercury starts dropping and the UK is dusted with a sheet of snow, our attention turns to the safety of driving conditions on our roads. So do electric vehicles struggle more than their petrol cousins when it comes to icy roads? The short answer is no, but there are some vital bits of information you should consider when venturing out into the cold. So pop the kettle on as we talk you through some handy tips for driving your EV in winter conditions…

Check your tyres

This is a tip for all motorists and not just those driving electric vehicles. The reason why your tyre pressure is important during winter is because the pressure can start dropping if the temperature reaches below zero. If you notice that the air pressure is getting low on one or more of your tyres, you can inflate them to the recommended PSI stated in the manufacturer’s manual.

Dealing with battery efficiency

Many people when purchasing an electric vehicle understand that there can be a few drawbacks when it comes to driving in extreme weather. The main issue is that of battery efficiency. What that means is that you lose a certain amount of mileage due to the cold weather, which works out at about a 20% drop depending on the vehicle.

So how do you counteract this? Well there are a few ways. The first is to drive more efficiently. Many modern electric vehicles are equipped with eco-driving capabilities which will allow you to conserve some mileage that was previously lost due to the weather. Secondly, you can plan your journey. The main cause for mileage loss during cold weather is down to driving short distances, driving longer distances doesn’t have that much of a negative effect in terms battery efficiency. So if you are driving short distances, just make sure you are aware of local charge points to top up if necessary.

Drive slower

Now this may seem obvious to many but driving slowly has numerous benefits for your EV. Your battery has to work overtime in colder conditions, so driving fast can cost you valuable range. By maintaining speeds of less than 60mph, you can benefit from further mileage on top of the fact you’ll be driving safely in icy conditions. It’s a win-win!

 So keep these tips in mind the next time you have to battle the elements in your electric vehicle and remember to drive safe.

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