31 May 2022

Currently in the UK there are over 850,000 plug-in vehicles on our roads. In fact, last year there were more EVs sold in the UK than the previous five years combined. This dramatic transition to electric motoring has created a common, new dilemma for businesses: how to cater for the ever-growing number of customers now driving EVs. Hospitality has been one such industry which has had to adapt quickly, with hotels in particular having to ensure accessible charging points are provided to their guests for the duration of their stay.

But how much does it cost to futureproof your hotel? And what should you be looking out for when implementing EV charge points? We spoke to EVC’s Head of Partnerships, David Herbert, to discuss the best approach for Hotels when it comes to planning for the future.


How important is providing EV charging at hotels?

We’ve seen a large increase recently in hotels requiring EV charging provisions for their guests. It’s the convenience factor which is important. You want to be able to turn up to your hotel, and not have to worry about how you’re going to charge your car, or find a nearby public charger. Instead, your guests can charge their car overnight and wake up to a full battery in the morning.


EV bay 1

What is the best solution for my hotel? How many chargers should I install?

There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for the hotel market. Our consultant needs to understand your requirements and expectations to build a bespoke solution for your hotel. Factors we consider when providing a solution would be the size and location of your hotel, the size of the car park, and the amenities on-site, such as a spa, café or restaurant. This information allows our consultants to tailor the charging solution around your requirements.


How much is it going to cost me?

We have two funding options: Fully-Funded or Management. Our Fully-Funded solution means the install is funded entirely by EVC for the duration of the agreement. This means you can prepare your hotel for the EV revolution at zero cost. Our Management solution means that you, as the hotel owner, will make the investment to cover the cost of the charge points, and EVC will operate, manage and maintain your chargers. This solution is more commonly adopted by hotels that are unlikely to experience high charger usage from the general public.


Can I charge my guests for the electricity used?

EVC have a billing management platform to ensure each user pays for the electricity they used during their charging session. The user can make payment through our EVC mobile app or via a contactless card payment. All payments are managed by EVC, and you, as the hotel owner, have the flexibility to decide whether you would like to earn additional revenue from your charge points.


What happens if the charger breaks?

“  As the operator, it’s typically EVC’s responsibility to manage, maintain, repair and replace their network to ensure optimum performance. Most fixes can be achieved remotely from our back office, however, on the very rare occasion where this is not possible, we will send an engineer to your hotel to fix the charger. 

Ibis London Heathrow 51

As the EV industry is so fast-moving, what if the technology changes?

Again, this is the operator’s responsibility. It’s up to EVC to ‘move with the times’ and ensure users are offered the most up-to-date technology in the market. We have partnered with some of the leading hardware and software companies in the industry to make sure the service we provide is of the highest quality, and to ensure we have the ability to consistently improve the customer journey. 


And finally, how long does it take to install?

This is site dependent, but generally speaking, if the charging points are powered by the existing building supply, installation will take up to 4 weeks. Installations which require a grid connection can take between 4 - 9 months, so it’s beneficial to have a strategy in place for when you are ready to take the first steps. If you have been considering installing EV charge points at your hotel, my advice would be to act sooner rather than later to ensure your guests have a place to charge overnight. 


If you are looking to futureproof your hotel, or would simply like to find out more, visit our Destination charging page for more information.


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