22 Jun 2021

It’s been on the cards for a while, but the expansion of the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) is now just around the corner, coming into effect on the 25th October 2021. But what will this mean for you?


What is the ULEZ?

The ULEZ is a crucial part of London's plan to improve the health of residents by cleaning up the city's toxic air, which currently accounts for the premature deaths of thousands of people every year. The plan was launched by the Mayor on the 8th April 2019 as a solution to this public health crisis, with the introduction of a charge to all motorists driving high polluting vehicles through Central London.


How much does it cost?

There is a daily charge of £12.50 levied upon vehicles which do not meet the emissions standards, with prices varying depending on the make and model of the vehicle. This charge is in addition to London’s already existing congestion charge. The charge will remain the same after the expansion of the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone.

This is of particular concern for vans or fleets that operate within the ULEZ, and as you can see from the table below, the costs can quickly add up.

ULEZ Table 01

But these staggering figures aren’t just in place to generate money for improvements in the City. The aim is to reduce emissions in the most effective way possible, with Transport For London stating “We would prefer that you use a vehicle that meets the emissions standards rather than pay a daily charge”.

To check whether your vehicle would be subject to a charge, visit the Transport For London website here.


Why is the ULEZ expanding?


London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has authorised the expansion of the ULEZ in response to growing concern about the capital’s air quality.

At present, the ULEZ encapsulates Central London, but the planned increase later this year will create a zone that extends to the North Circular Road (A406) and South Circular Road (A205). The North and South Circular Roads themselves are not included in the zone.


How do I avoid a ULEZ charge?

The answer is simple.

As the sole purpose of the ULEZ and congestion charge is to reduce emissions and improve air quality, the best way to avoid the charges is to follow the thousands of people who are already making the switch to an electric vehicle. With EVs producing zero emissions, you would immediately be exempt from any charges. Something to think about when deciding your next vehicle?

If you would like to find out more about this subject, or to see how EVC can help you make the transition to an electric future, get in touch here.

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