03 Feb 2021

Although electric vehicle adoption had its best ever year in 2020, some motorists still aren’t convinced. So what are some of the road blocks stopping people from switching to EVs? We’re here to explain some of the questions and misconceptions people have about electric vehicles.

You can’t get good range from an EV

Whilst this may have been true many, many years ago when electric vehicles were still finding their way in the market, today is a different story entirely.

With the modern advances in technology, EV drivers can expect to achieve, on the top end, 600km (370 miles) range from a single charge. To put that in perspective, that means you could potentially travel from Brighton to Newcastle off of a single charge.

Here are the current top 5 EVs with the longest range:

Tesla Model S – 379 mile range

Tesla Model 3 – 338 mile range

Tesla Model X – 314 mile range

Jaguar i-Pace – 292 mile range

Kia e-Niro – 282 mile range


 It takes too long to charge an EV

With advanced fast charging capabilities, you can charge your EV from 0% to 80% in just 30 minutes. However, for regular drivers, this still may seem too long. But when you consider that cars spend 90% of the time parked, you understand that this gives you the perfect opportunity to charge.

With EV charge points being more readily available at home and at workplaces, the speed of charging isn’t as relevant due to the length of time your EV will be stationary and on charge.


There still isn't enough charge points available

There is a common misconception amongst drivers that there is a lack of EV charge points available, and that is often a deterrent for people when deciding to switch to electric. It is true than in years gone by, the UK didn’t have the infrastructure in place to deal with the ever-growing popularity of electric vehicles, and in some areas of the country, charge points are still sparse.

However, at EVC, we have made it our mission to improve the countries charging infrastructure by installing over 100,000 charge points within the next 5 years. Working alongside the UK Government’s Road to Zero plan, our goal is to make EV charging more available and convenient for everyone, debunking this myth once and for all.

If there are any other questions you have about EV charging, please get in contact with one of our specialists at EVC and they will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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