26 Oct 2020

Convenience is key when it comes to charging your electric vehicle, and when more than a third of your day is spent at work, you need to find an accessible way to top up your battery whilst you’re in the office.Workplace 001


That is why we have recently seen an increase in demand for business owners and landlords alike, looking for cost effective ways to improve the EV charging infrastructure at their workplace. The first question we are often asked when discussing this topic with businesses is “Is it expensive?” and many of them are pleasantly surprised with the answer…


How much does it cost to install EV chargers?

We have various funding options suited specifically for workplaces and it doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

Our tailored solutions mean that you may be eligible to receive EV chargers and installation completely free of charge. This includes ongoing maintenance to ensure your chargers are working to maximum capacity.

To find out more about your funding options, click here.


What other benefits are there with having EV charge points at my office?

staff benefitsBenefits for your Staff or Tenants

Happy staff, happy workplace. Allowing staff and tenants who are unable to charge at their residential dwelling, to charge at work. It also incentives drivers to purchase an EV as their next vehicle.


zero emission

Become a zero-emission business

Through installing EV Charge Points, you will contribute to a more sustainable future by encouraging electric vehicles on-site which will reduce CO₂ emissions.


phase in charge pointsPhase in EV Charge Points

With the adoption of electric vehicles rising, so will the demand for charging points. That is why we offer an easily scalable option to introduce more EV Charge Points for your workplace.


How do I get started?

It has never been simpler to prepare for the future. If you feel that your business or workplace could benefit from the installation of EV charge points, get in touch and one of our EV specialists will discuss the best option for you.



We are compatible with all leading plug-in vehicle brands

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